Educational Assessments for Students

Before starting any of our academic or skill support programs, you may wish to have your child's skill level assessed. This will help our tutors know what skills need to be re-taught and what skills have been attained.

There is an optional Full Assessment that covers the Math and Reading Assessments along with a Written Expression Assessment.  By using and combining the results from all of these assessments we create an individual education plan for your student that our tutors follow.

Math Assessment

Our Math Assessment covers the full spectrum of math concepts and skills from early experiences with numbers, such as rote counting, to later experiences such as factoring polynomials and solving linear equations. Item content represents a comprehensive developmental sequence of math concepts and skills organized into three content areas: conceptual knowledge, computational skills, and problem solving.

Reading Assessment

Students' skills are evaluated in 4 areas: reading rate (how fast a student reads aloud), reading accuracy (the number of mistakes made when reading aloud), reading fluency (a combination of rate and accuracy) and reading comprehension (understanding what was read, reliant on memory, inferencing and predicting skills). This is a timed reading test in which a running record is kept. Skills in auditory analysis are also evaluated - the ability to identify sounds combined to comprise real words. A spelling assessment measures an individual's ability to encode sounds into written form through the use of a dictated spelling format containing both letters and words (like a traditional spelling test). The final assessment measures a student’s phonological awareness through their ability to decode nonsense words and recognition of sightwords.

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