Individualized Tutoring

Students of all levels can get behind in their studies. Sometimes, the cause is simply a lack of good organization. Other times, it is a more deeply rooted problem.  We offer an Individualized approach to tutoring for you child. We will look at your child's strengths and needs and create an program to suit them. With parent permission we will have our tutors contact their student's school teacher to make sure that we are accomplishing tasks that are reflected in their course work.

Here are just a few areas we can help with:

Language Arts/Reading:  Students undergo a formalized assessment to determine the student's level of understanding in reading, spelling, writing and reading comprehension. An individual program is then developed to provide remedial help in the areas of need. 

Math:  The Math program begins with a formalized math assessment to determine the student's level in math reasoning and operations. An individualized program is then developed which addresses any remedial needs while assisting with grade level requirements.

Science:  Whether you child is in Junior High or High School taking Chemistry, Physics or Science 10; we can help them with their Science subjects.  We can even challenge those students who are gifted in those areas of study and are just looking to make it a little more interesting.


For cancellations please call (902) 293-4801

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