Summer Social Skills Day Camp

This condensed program mirrors the day social skills program at Bridgeway Academy and has the same goal of developing appropriate social interaction skills. We are aware of how important social skills are to success at school and living a satisfying and fulfilling life. We are also aware that learning disabilities and ADHD impact the acquisition and generalization of these skills.

Every child learns differently, and we cater to their learning strengths and needs. The lessons will consist of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and practical teaching styles combined with practical teaching styles combined with fun activities and games that provide practice for these new skills. We also provide home practice suggestions to help generalize lessons to life settings. This program takes place during 8 weeks in the summer. Participants may choose to come for 1 week or all weeks. The cost for 1, 3 day week is $155. Camp is in session Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9am - 12pm